Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training (Tack) Tip #1: For a little extra umph, when you need it.

While riding in England with Olympian Tim Stockdale I learned some  insider training tips from him which I will  share with you in this and upcoming blogs.

TIP: Save the open front hind boots for the big classes.

At home we tend to not use hind boots at all on our performance horses, unless they have specific interference issues. If they do have interference issue, we use regular fetlock boots such as These.

For the big money classes, when you need that extra little something to ensure that the back rail of the oxer stays up, you might try using open front hind ankle boots such as These. For sensitive horses, the elasticated strap is milder than some of the other boot alternatives, however it might not be enough for the less sensitive horses.

Tim preferred this brand of open front fetlock boots for his big classes, the Veredus  Pro Jump Fetlock Boots. The straps of these boots weren't elasticated and therefore could be pulled quite tight to make the less sensitive horse kick out the little bit extra.

            Monica & Tisolde competing at Jacksonville with her full length hind boots.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Something I had never thought of before and will definitely be doing from now on!