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2011 News

December 24th,2011
Wishing our clients, family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sakura Hill Farm
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December 10th,2011
Ahsianita proves her worth as both a broodmare and a performance horse
Ahsianita made her debut in the show ring at the RMI Mid-Florida Series December show in the 1.0m and 1.10m divisions with several clear rounds and good ribbons including a 2nd place. She then went the following week to Tampa to debut in the 1.15m division in which she delivered a very positive round. Ahsianita will return to RMI this weekend before taking a month long break before starting up again at the HITS Florida circuit in January.
Ahsianita Tampa
October 31st,2011
C-Quito proves to be quite popular amongst the Sakura Hill Farm mares and clients.
We are happy to announce that Sakura Hill Czola's (by Alla 'Czar) 2012 foal by C-Quito is now under contract as an in-utero option taken by a prescient person in Tennessee. Also, another very prescient lady in Tampa has opted for a custom 2013 foal from Kaiserin (by Kaiser de la Cour) and has chosen CQuito as the sire. Odds are that it will be an elegant gray with exceptional conformation and the scope to do the Derbies! We look forward to what both of these crosses will produce.
Kaiser C-Quito Cross
Czola C-Quito Cross
October 1st,2011
Wyoming (the "Ming " of the Ming and Ping duo of 2010) stood out from Day One because of his elegant exterior and statesman-like demeanor. Nothing has ever perturbed Ming. He quickly gave evidence of becoming a very big boy indeed and his affectionate nature made us concerned that he find a partner that would forge a long-term working relationship with him to develop him to his potential. We are truly thrilled that just such a person has purchased him and - lucky us!- lives just north of us and for the forseeable future, Ming will be staying at Prosperity Farms with his buddy Ping et al. Watch for him at the October Young Horse Show with us and his new owner!
Sakura Hill Wyoming
Sakura Hill Wyoming
September 15th,2011
Sakura Hill Farm attends the 2011 KWPN-NA Florida Keuring
Grenache S (Chello III VDL x Ulysses m2s), Stamroos W (Heartbreaker x Ramiro) and Ahme P (Olympic Ahorn x Olympic Ferro) all attended a very successful KWPN-NA keuring held at Pennock Point Sport Horses in Reddick, FL. We are so happy for Grenache S and his California owner! He stole the show with his youthful yet purposeful movement and got First Premium at the KWPN keuring at Pennock Point yesterday. The youngest to be inspected, he strutted his trot up and down the arena like a pro under the capable handling of Janko! Grenache S is sired by the VDL stallion Chello III and out of Ultra-niki m2s Z. The first "second generation" foal bred by Sakura Hill Farm, he was imported and purchased in utero.
Grenache S
Grenache S
Ahme P
Ahme P
Stamroos W
Stamroos W
August 7thth,2011
Sakura Hill La Czaritza (owned by Andrea Hayden) attends the BWP-NAD inspection at WB Equestrian, Sanford, FL.
Sakura Hill La Czaritza (by Crown Affair) did us, her new owner,, and her sire and dam proud by nailing top scores at her BWP inspection. The 82 for the regular book and the 84 for the Hunter book should give her scores among the top 2 or 3 in the nation given out to all horses for 2011.
August 4thth,2011
Sakura Hill Farm attends the GOV Oldenburg inspection at Yancey Farm, Ocala, FL.
Cantanita S (by Olympic Canturo) received a First Premium, Kaiserin (by Kaiser de la Cour) is now duly inspected and Kallanica (by Callaway 4) awaits the results of her sire's inspection in Ontario.
Cantanita S
July 30th, 20110
Sakura Hill Farm presents our newest broodmare/sporthorse addition-- Stamroos W (Heartbreaker x Ramiro x Uppercut xx)
June 30th,2011
Sakura Hill La Czaritza Sold to Prosperity Farms
We are pleased to announce that Sakura Hill La Czaritza has been sold to Prosperity Farms. We and Andrea will have an opportunity to watch this filly show what she is made of at close hand at the Hunter Breeding classes and beyond! We are so excited to be able to have her stay so near with those who have known her since birth!
June 25th,2011
Rain couldn't dampen the spirits of the First Annual Spring Social & Young Horse Expo
May 5th,2011
Sakura Hill Farm's Cinco de Mayo Surprise!
Czola never disappoints! She has had outstanding foals by Lotus T., Cunningham, and now Crown Affair.We bred this foal with the high hopes of obtaining a filly for our broodmare band and, of course, to have fun with at the shows - hunter br...eeding and hunter rings. Czola's Alla'Czar on top with the good TB on the dam side is a perfect foil for Crown Affair with the direct Cor de la Bryere and Capitol bloodlines. Crown Affair's recent successes in the hunter derbies are an additional +. We are VERY excited by this filly--La Czaritza!
La Czaritza
April 27th,2011
Sakura Hill Farm and Lake Ridge Farm partner up to host the Mount Holyoke Dressage Team Practice in Preperation for IDA Nationals
Sakura Hill and Lake Ridge Farm, owned by Cheryl Youngman, hosted the Mount Holyoke Dressage Nationals Team practice on April 29th. Their 5 riders rode three of Lake Ridge Farm's horses as well as Ana Bella and Ahme of Sakura Hill Farm. A productive and fun morning was had by all and it was especially nice for Monica to see some of her old classmates from college.
MHC Dressage Team
MHC Dressage Team
MHC Dressage Team
March 9th,2011
It's a girl!
We are stunned to have a filly- Sakura Hill Cantanita (Olympic Canturo x Ulysses M2S). We were all geared up for a colt! Many many thanks to all those who have sent congratulations and smileys! It is heartwarming!
March 1st,2011
The Spring Social & Young Horse Expo
The Spring Social & Young Horse Expo hosted by Sakura Hill Farm and Prosperity Farms will be held June 25th, 2011 from Noon-5pm.
Kassie and Kalla
February 1st,2011
Sakura Hill Farm's Newest Additions
Sakura Hill is proud to present our newest addition to our broodmare band >Sakura Hill Keiserin "Kassie" by Kaiser de la Cour (Verdi x Kayack x Starter) out of a Lantaan (Lord x Liguster) mare. Her 2011 filly, Sakura Hill Kallanica "Kalla", born 15 days ago by Debbie Stephens' Grand Prix Jumper Callaway (by Calando I).
Kassie and Kalla
January 29th,2011
Sakura Hill Zorriola sold to Brazilian grand prix rider Sergio Campos
Sakura Hill Farm is happy to announce that Sakura Hill Zorriola has been purchased by Brazilian grand prix rider Sergio Campos. We are eager to see them compete and go up the levels at this year's Florida circuit. It is wonderful to realize how many friends and fans Zorri has made for herself over the years, especially in Mount Holyoke- where she and Monica were the entertainment of the season her first year- in more ways than one-and here in Florida. Always herself, she does command attention! We cannot read the future but we are convinced that if the past is any prediction, hers will be a good one.
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The Niki Chronicles: The Path of a Young Performance Horse

I have decided to write, photograph and video the process of starting the newest  arrival to Sakura Hill Farm--- Ultra-niki m2s Z (Ulysses m2s x Calvados x Joost), a 2007 imported Zangersheide mare and half paternal sister to Ahsianita (Ulysses m2s x Olympic Ahorn x Erdball xx). Niki is the first mare bred by my mother and was specifically bred to join our mareband with her linebreeding on the Dutch -niki mareline. She arrived in the States as a four year old, unstarted and in foal to VDL Chello III in the early spring of 2011.

In these posts I will keep things casual and by no means is this a "how to start your youngster" guide, merely a journal of my experience and thoughts.

Let's start with a bit of background:

Ultra-niki ("Niki") was imported from Europe in foal (with  Grenache S by Chello III VDL) in March 2011, having lived in a field for the majority of her life until then. Upon arrival, she was sent to our foaling  farm where she has spent the last 8 months. In September she  and her foal attended the KWPN-NA inspection (where Grenache S received a First Premium :-)). Her trip to the inspection and overnight stay proved uneventful and she and Grenache proved easy to handle. After weaning Grenache, she then went to Sakura Hill Farm for a month to regain her figure and arrived at Lake Ridge Farm (home of the Sakura Hill performance horses) on November 3rd, 2011 to begin her education as a riding horse.

As a weanling in 2007 in Europe

Her education thus far has been:
Ultra-niki October 2011 at Sakura Hill Farm
  • Leading
  • Loading/riding in a trailer
  • Wearing a bridle (which she had to wear for the KWPN inspection)
  •  She has been braided once and stood well although she was a bit wiggly.
Thus far, Ultra-niki has lived in Europe (birth-March 2011), the quarantine farm (2-3 weeks), the foaling farm (April 2011-October 2011), Sakura Hill Farm (October 2011-November 2011)--->Lake Ridge Farm (November 2011---onward).

A few assumptions before we begin, (although one really should never make assumptions about youngsters):
  • The Ulysses blood has proven itself to be friendly, rideable, very sensible and easy to work with.  Let's see if this holds true with Niki
  • Niki has quite a low percentage of blood due to her dam Ushiniki (Calvados x Joost)---44.22% blood compared to her half sister's 48.45% blood (Ahsianita) who is very quick off the ground and has  excellent technique over fences. Her sister is quite laid back and quiet even with the 48.42% blood-- perhaps Ultra-niki will lack a bit of oomph under saddle.
  • Niki is much more substantial and broader built than Ahisanita. Her movement is very powerful with a lot of suspension and reach. She will be very powerful, but perhaps not be as sharp and  cat-like as her sister  over fences. This was what we saw when she was free jumped casually as a yearling in Europe--- much power with a great hind end, but perhaps a bit slow off the ground.... we'll see what she shows us when we tackle free jumping later on.
The following posts will be a day- by- day (as long as I can keep up with them) report of what I call "The Niki Chronicles", my experience, photos and videos of the starting process of Ultra-niki (the greats, the goods, the ups, the downs).

I hope you enjoy the narration and wish me luck!

As a 2-year old in Europe 2009

As a 2-year old in Europe 2009
Michele meets Niki as a 4-year old at the Quarantine Farm in Ocala, FL 2011
Michele meets Niki as a 4-year old at the Quarantine Farm in Ocala, FL March 2011
Niki showing off her trot at the foaling farm in April 2011
Niki stretching her legs at the foaling farm in April 2011
Niki and her pasture mate Czola awaiting their foals at the foaling farm in April 2011
Niki showing off her trot at the foaling farm in April 2011
Niki looking ready to foal at the foaling farm in May 2011

Niki and Grenache S (3 days of age) born May 22nd, 2011
Niki and Grenache S (3 days of age) born May 22nd, 2011

Niki and Grenache S (3 days of age) born May 22nd, 2011

Niki at the KWPN-NA Inspection September 2011
Niki and Grenaache at the KWPN-NA Inspection September 2011 (First Premium)

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2010 News

December 11th,2010
Sakura Hill Zorriola shows her stuff at the Tampa CFHJA Horse Show with John Brown in the Irons Zorriola made her debut in the 1.25m division with John Brown aboard. She was clear the first day and as the course went on jumped better and better. The second day, she had a few rails- but rails where others stopped. John is very happy with her progress at 1.25m as she is listening to him and learning from past mistakes. Despite the rails, she came home with a Third Place yellow ribbon and some $$ which make us happy!
December 3rd,2010
A Great Kick off to the Florida Winter Show Season Sakura Hill Zorriola, Sakura Hill Ana Bella and Sakura Hill Ahme attended RMI's Mid-Florida Series at HITS Post Time. Zorriola competed with John Brown in the irons in the 1.15m $500 Stakes class and placed 7th Ana Bella competed with John Brown in theh irons in the 1.00m class and placed 2nd Ahme schooled with Kasey Bedard and had a very productive lesson with John Brown. We are more than thrilled with the positive and productive horse show. Next up: Tampa December 9th wiht Zorriola competing with John Brown
Ana Bella
Ana Bella
Kasey and Makoto
Kasey and Ahme
Kasey and Ahme
October 26th,2010
Sakura Hill Farm's Blog
October 19,2010
Stallion & Breeders Issue
October 18,2010
Sakura Hill Farm's October 2010 Newsletter
October 17,2010
WEG Inspires Plans for 2010-2011 Show Season
Inspired by watching such excellence at WEG, we came home to formulate competition plans for Zorri, Ana and Ahme. Zorri will focus first on getting her Keur in Sport by nailing her requirements at 4'3". Plans afterwards- maybe YJC- maybe the levels at HITS Ocala and RMI. Ana Bella and Ahme will continue up the levels starting at 1.10 m- Ana with Monica and Ahme with Kasey- at local shows first and then HITS Ocala and RMI. We are really looking forward to this season- if the good times had at the KWPN keuring are any measure, this crew of youngsters both equine and human should be loads of fun! All under the wise tutelage of John Brown, of course!
October 11th, 2010
Sakura Hill Farm attends WEG
WEG Day 1 (Team Speed Competition Part I) WEG Day 2 (Team Power Competition Part II) WEG Day 3 (Team Competition Final) and Hunter Derby Exhibition WEG Day 3 Thoroughbred Farm Tour WEG Day 4 Individual Competition WEG Day 5 Rolex Final Four
September 13th, 2010
Fun and Friends at the 2010 Pennock Point Keuring
  • Sakura Hill Ana Bella (Condios x Ekstein) competed in the Iron Spring Farm Cup for 5 year olds and scored a 76. The judges commented that in their minds, they thought that "she has the perfect front end technique." She scored an 8.5 for reflexes and 8 for scope.
  • Vibrant LPR (Orame x Wellington) owned by Nancy Debosek received her Keur predicate after a successful Jumper IBOP with the score of 78. Vibrant, formerly a Dressage horse, has been in training to prepare for her IBOP during the last month. Our rider Kasey Bedard did a fantastic job of riding the test and her efforts were rewarded with an Orange ribbon and the ribbon for Best Jumper Mare of the Keuring.
  • Vixen LPR (Goodtimes x Gastronom) owned by Nancy Debosek received her Ster predicate after being awarded 8's for reflexes through the free jumping chute. Vixen, also formerly a Dressage horse, has been with us since April 2010, with a brief intermission. ""A testament to successful partnering of KWPN Breeders and Trainers" Lone Palm Ranch has been developing it's breeding program of KWPN horses for 20 years, with many great successes of top five KWPN horses in North America, Ster and Keur Predicates. For this years Keuring, however, we partnered with Sakura Hill Farm LLC, and the results were outstanding. Our mares Vibrant LPR and Vixen LPR are both jumper bred, but have had many years of Dressage training with our Dressage trainer Yvonne Holste. Vibrant LPR has especially excelled in Dressage. In 2005, Vibrant LPR was awarded #3 KWPN jumper mare in North America and #4 conformation in North America, receiving her Star and Keur eligible status. This year we decided to put her through the jumping IBOP test to achieve her Keur predicate. At the same time we thought to have Vixen LPR re-evaluated for Star. The biggest problem was that Vixen LPR had only been jumping under saddle for a short time and Vibrant not at all. So, we turned to our friends at Sakura Hill Farm LLC. These ladies really have it going on. Monica Sakurai is a very hard working young woman. She and her working student Kasey did an incredible job getting these two mares ready for the Keuring in a mere 3 weeks! The results speak for themselves. Vibrant LPR received her Keur and Vixen LPR her Star! Monica also put together a team of helpers, from grooms to photographers, to get everything and anything done. I have to also mention that Michelle and Makoto Sakurai are wonderful supporting parents that are always in the background lending support and helpful advice. We at Lone Palm Ranch could not be happier with this years results. We feel that Monica Sakurai was able to take the horses we have lovingly bred and trained, and add to that her own expertise. She has proven to us that we can trust her with the best of our horses. We wish her, her family and team much success in the future." Warm regards, Nancy Debosek Lone Palm Ranch, Future Home Realty, 813-765-8885 Thank you to The Sakura Hill Farm team (Kasey Bedard, Kirsten Kasper, Tessa Jamieson and Leah Feiner) for a smoothly run and successful day.
    Please Click here to view photos of the KWPN NA Pennock Point Keuring
    Please Click here to view the Keuring Report From the Road
    August 19th, 2010
    Good news from Holland! Ultra-niki has passed her PROK.
    August 17th, 2010
    Czola is apparently swelling the ranks of the filly foals with Corey Miller giving us an 80% chance for a filly by Crown Affair. This one will be Crown Czarina. Crown Affair In-Utero Option Due May 2011
    August 15th, 2010
    News from New York has it that H-Calinda is carrying a filly foal by Cubito. Good news for us but may be a disappointment to the many who have inquired about a colt option for this match. The odds on this vet are 3 out of 5 so far, so there is still hope! If a filly we will name her De La Cuba Linda. If a colt results, it will be offered for sale: Cubito Colt In-Utero Option Due May 2011
    August 14th, 2010
    Our friends from Lone Palm Ranch ferried Vixen and Vibrant up to Sakura Hill for tuning up before their KWPN jumper IBOPs mid-September at Pennock Point. Monica and Kasey will take charge of their program.
    August 13th, 2010
    Ahsianita approved for the Oldenburg GOV Main mare Book at a splendid inspection cum social do at Judy Yancey's farm. Beautiful horses viewed from under a tent,informative judging and delicious lunch under the live oaks- well, the rain brought us under the roof, but we could SEE the live oaks! Many thanks to Andrea Hayden for handling Ahsia and to Monica for keeping Wyoming cool, calm and collected. He conducted himself like a Statesman, as always!
    GOV inspection
    GOV inspection
    GOV inspection
    August 1st, 2010
    Hickstead won at Aachen, but Kalico Bay, aka "Frankie", the horse that Monica rehabbed for Tim Stockdale during her stay in England, just won Hickstead! Monica followed the rehab program that she had learned at Mount Holyoke College for our own mares. Thank you, Paula--it works like a charm!
    Kalico Bay
    August 1st, 2010
    Please click here to see Sakura Hill Farm's 2010 Newsletter.
    July 31st, 2010
    Family Affair: The Sakurai's, an article in The Central Florida Equestrian Magazine's August 2010 issue.
    Click here to see the August Issue
    July 23rd, 2010
    Sakura Hill and its mares welcome Mandalika xx (Arctic Tern x Diesis -GB), another regally-bred broodmare who has joined us. Plans have been to breed Mandalika to Cunningham next year to produce a Hunter Derby prospect extraordinaire, but one look at Mandalika makes us think on-the-line and Conformation Hunter devotees- take notice! This match should be dynamite! Her page will be up shortly on our website.
    July 18th, 2010
    Just In: Hickstead (Hamlet x Ekstein) and Eric Lamaze did it again and won Aachen. This is their THIRD competition at 1.60 in a row completed with NO FAULTS! Bravo! And congratulations to all the competitors- a great competition! To read more, please click here
    July 4th, 2010
    *Please click here to retrieve our Sakura Hill Farm July 2010 Newsletter
    June 21st, 2010
    Our Sakura Hill Ahsianita's half brother, Wang Chung M2S, out of the same dam, Harnita ster pref prest, was the winner in Sommersroef, Germany, of the Preis der Firma Citti STOOF Junior Future Final on a course set at 1.40 m.
    June 10th, 2010
  • Even more reason to look forward to the birth ofSakura Hill Ahsianita's Olympic Canturo 2011 foal
  • Elite Mare Show Results:
  • Champion was Cormint / Athlet Z / Liguster / Farnese stamm 504.
  • Reserve Champion Canturo / Coriano / Rebel Z / Calando I stamm 569
  • Best mare in movement Canturo / Corofino I / Landgraf / Fabulus stamm 223b.
    May 22nd, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's half brother shines in Europe!
  • Topping his achievement as a six year-old last year when he was the Vice-Champion of France's Future Elite series, this year Wang Chung m2s and his rider Felix Hassmann (Germany) won the 7-year-old Future Elite class (against the clock) at the CSI*** Béthune (France). Fifty-nine seven-year-olds started in the class which was held Saturday, May 22, 2010. On Friday Wang Chung m2s was joint winner of the one-round Future Elite class (not against the clock). Wang Chung m2s is out of the same mare, Harnita, as our Ahsianita m2s. Ahsianita has been confirmed in foal to Olympic Canturo for a March, 2011 foal
    May 17th, 2010
    Sakura Hill Czola's 2009 Hunter husband Cunningham, and her Hunter husband Crown Affair for a 2011 foal, clean up in the $10,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby
    Crown Affair
    May 8th, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Encore is united with his new mother just in time for Mother's Day
  • Sakura Hill Encore has united with his new owner Mary and will travel to Georgia tomorrow. It is so heartening to see JUST the right owner connect with JUST the right colt! We wish the pair many happy times together in the Young Event Horse program and beyond!
    Encore and Mary
    Encore and Mary
    May 2nd, 2010
    *Please click here to retrieve our Sakura Hill Farm May 2010 Newsletter
    May 1st, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Cyprus Arrives Safely from Canada
  • Cyprus finally arrived from Canada. This Hennessey colt was specifically bred for the Hunter ring and his dam was a champion Hunter on the line as well as under-saddle in Canada as well as on the East Coast. We look forward to seeing him mature and succeed in the Hunter ring.
    April 19th, 2010
  • Best News of the Breeding Season So Far...
  • Dr. Corey Miller called this evening to give us the good news that Ahsianita is in foal to Olympic Canturo. We are thrilled and have our fingers crossed for a filly! We will be offering a resulting colt for Sale.
    April 9th, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Czola surprises us with Campai
  • Surprise surprise- Monica went out to feed this morning and noticed a little addition to the herd- Czola gave birth to an beautiful dark bay colt with two hind socks with white around the eyes- Welcome to Sakura Hill Farm Campai! Papa Cunningham will be as proud as Mama Czola! Czola is such a good mommy. This one is very friendly and serene.
    April 5th, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Farm Welcomes Vixen LPR to our Sales Line-UP
  • Vixen LPR is owned by our friends at Lone Palm Ranch. She has been entrusted to us to prepare for competition and compete on with a view towards her sale. We think that she will make a perfect partner in competition in the jumper ring. We hope to find just the right match in a person who will take Vixen to the ribbons in the jumper ring. More information, videos and photos to follow as she settles in.
    March 31th, 2010
  • A Romp in the Sun!
  • We visited Sakura Hill Wyoming by Willemoes out of our Ahsianita (Ulysses M2S x Olympic Ahorn). At 3 weeks old he is turning into quite the dashing lad!
    March 29th, 2010
  • Monica's suspicion proven right!
  • Our dear Runaway Love "Janey" (Pursuit of Love x Kris) mare confirmed in foal as we ultra sounded our recipient herd mares for synchronization. Stay tuned!
    March 21st, 2010
    *Please click here to retrieve our Sakura Hill Farm March 2010 Newsletter
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's Half Brother Continues His Success in Europe
  • Wang Chung m2s (out of Ahsia's dam Harnita) placed 3rd in the 7/8 Year-Old 1.40 m- 1.45 m Youngster Tour Final at the CSI*** Dortmund (Germany). Wang Chung m2s' results for the tour:
  • 1st at Offenburg
  • 2nd at Braunschweig
  • 3rd at Dortmund
    March 19th, 2010
  • HITS-Ocala Comes to a Close
  • HITS Ocala 2010 has come to an end for Sakura Hill Farm. Zorri performed well with her new co-owner Aaron Vale in the 6-year old YJC Classes and the 5 year olds took the circuit in stride and gained experience. Next stop, The Ocala Jumping Classic April 2-4th with Ana and Ahme in the 1.10m classes.
    Sakura Hill Ana Bella
    Ana Bella
    Sakura Hill Ahme
    Sakura Hill Zorriola
    March 15th, 2010
  • 2010 KWPN-NA Annual Meeting a Hit!
  • We had a wonderful time in Wellington at the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting! Seeing old friends from the North East and the West and connecting with our friends from Florida was great! (Special thanks to Sandi Lieb for letting us share a ride to and from with her) Can we be joined at the hip to Paul Hendrix for a year? We learned much from him and the course walk of the Grand Prix with Laura Kraut provided further insights. The team from Holland never fails to inform. Monica came home with two trophies for Zorri and Ana that she can take a bath in! Pictures courtesy of Christopher Heale can be viewed below: (*If you would like the original higher quality JPEG image, please email Monica at and she would be happy to send it to you).
  • Thursday Reception
  • Friday Horse Show
  • Friday's Lectures
  • Saturday Horse Show
  • Saturday Demonstrations
  • Saturday Awards Banquet
  • Sunday Course Walk with Laura Kraut and Grand Prix
    March 15th, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's half brother places 2nd in Youngster Tour Final at CSI**** Braunschweig
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's half brother the 7-year-old stallion by Royal Bravour and out of the same dam KWPN mare Harnita pref. prest.(Ahorn-Erdball xx),Wang Chung M2S, was ridden to a 2nd place by Felix Hassmann in the 7-/8-Year-Old Youngster Tour Final at the CSI**** Braunschweig (Germany).
    March 9th, 2010
  • Ahsia's Surprise!
  • Ahsianita has surprised us today with a big, bay COLT! Let's welcome Sakura Hill Wyoming!
    Sakura Hill Wyoming
    February 21st, 2010
    *Please click here to retrieve our Sakura Hill Farm February 2010 Newsletter
    February 18th, 2010
  • HITS Ocala- Week II
  • The tally for the second week at HITS:
  • Sakura Hill Zorriola placed 4th out of 16 in the 6-year old Young Jumper Qualifying Class with Aaron Vale, co-owner.
  • Sakura Hill Ana Bella with a clear round placing 5th out of 47 horses.
  • Sakura Hill Ahme with a clear round placing 6th out of 47 horses.
    February 16th, 2010
  • Ekstein Progeny Success in International Competition
  • P'Compadre Wind Shear M2S (Ekstein x Orlando) with his Argentine rider Matías Albarracín were in Punta del Este, Uruguay, at the Cantagril Country Club where they won both the 1.40 m. and 1.45 m. classes at the Punta Jump 2010 horse show in January.
    February 12th, 2010
  • HITS Ocala- Week I
  • The tally for the first week at HITS Sakura Hill Ana Bella and Sakura Hill Ahme's first outing in competition:
  • Ana received an 8th on Thursday out of a class of 25 horses with John Brown on board.
  • Ahme received a 2nd on Friday in the slop out of 16 horses with John Brown on board.
  • Zorriola received a 6th in her first outting in the 6 Yr.old YJC class with co-owner Aaron Vale in the stirrups.
    February 6th, 2010
  • Sakura Hill Zorriola Tunes Up

  • At the 2010 Pre-HITS, Sakura Hill Zorriola gave us a Third in the Level 3 in the Grand Prix ring and a clear round at Level 4 with one rail in the jump off. Aaron is very pleased as are we with Zorri's happy and confident attack. On to HITS Ocala where Zorri will be joined by debutantes Sakura Hill Ana Bella and Sakura Hill Ahme.
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's Half Brother Blazes in Europe as She Prepares for Motherhood!

  • Wang Chung M2S and Felix Hassmann scored a win in the Final of the Youngster Tour for 7-Year-Old Horses at the CSI** Offenburg (Germany)--the Preis der KLEENEX Kimberly Clark GmbH.
    Wang Chung M2S
    A day earlier, Wang Chung M2S and Felix nailed a clear round and placed 4th in the Preis der Sulzberger Pferdeboxen und Stalleinrichtungen in the Youngster Tour for 7- and 8-Year-Old Horses,scoring the highest placement for a 7-year-old in the class. They were 3rd in the Preis der Birkel Teigwaren GmbH in the Youngster Tour for 7- and 8-Year-Old Horses. At the CSI** Neustadt-Dosse (Germany)the preceeding week, Wang Chung M2S and Felix competed in the 7-Year-Old classes and placed third twice. Wang Chung and Ahsianita are out of the same KWPN dam, Harnita ster pref.prest. Ahsianita is expecting a filly foal early March by the Number 1 Showjumping Sire in Denmark for 2006, 2007,and 2008,the Holsteiner Willemoes. Willanita will have the bar held high by both sides of her family tree!
  • The '-nita' Damline Strikes Again
  • Sakura Hill Ahsianita's half-sister Tarnita (by Numero Uno) was 3rd in a 1.40 m class at CSI*** Nantes.
    At the KWPN Central Keuring at Den Ham in 2003,the Ster daughter of KWPN mare Harnita pref.prest., Tarnita, garnered first place by having the highest score for loose-jumping.
    January 14th, 2010
    *Please click here to retrieve our Sakura Farm January 2010 Newsletter

    January 10th, 2010

  • Sakura Hill Cyprus to Arrive Just in Time for Valentines Day!
  • Plans are being made to transport our weanling Sakura Hill Cyprus (Hennessey x Schoenfelder) from Canada to Florida in early February. Stay tuned for the exact date of arrival! He will join Sakura Hill Encore (Staging Post xx x Belmez xx) so that they can frolic together!
    January 1st, 2010
  • Happy New Year from Sakura Farm

  • May 2010 and the following decade bring hope, happiness and prosperity to all.